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Season 3-Episode 12

Black team is here with an incredible show.  Your eyes will be awestruck when you see Emma-Claire’s incredible piece on Towards Zero, you will feel enchanted by this week’s episode of Joey VS. Eagle, and offered delectable free treats for good deeds.  

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Season 3 – Episode 10

Welcome to another installment of Del Oro news featuring the black team!  In this weeks spooky episode you’ll be shocked into terror by EmmaClaire’s scary movie piece, frozen in fear by scaring 101, and mystified by the dark arts in Joey vs eagle.

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Season 3 – Episode 1

It’s the week of Thursday, August 29th and your brand new Del Oro News team is here with the latest and greatest news that matters to the Del Oro community. For this first show of the season, we’ll bring you the news on football, new teachers, the Black Hole, and fight the broke out this… Read more »