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Season 1 – Episode 6

Watch Max Hennessy and Christian Burnett talk about the exciting things of homecoming week. The news talks about costumes, work nights, teachers dancing, and bacon! Are you ready?

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Del Oro’s Outdoor Adventure Club

Mr. Kelderman and students tell about the Outdoor Adventure Club, from planning to the thrill of the actual trip.  If you would like to join, stay tuned to hear Mr. Kelderman describe the application process of this great club.

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How to Ask a Date to Homecoming

Want to know just how to ask that special someone? Reporters Jay Shane and Jessika Brehmer, and photographer Will Richardson, have created the perfect resource on getting a date to Homecoming. Also check out this weeks Del Oro News show for the best coverage you will find on events happening in your area! September 27,… Read more »