Season 10 Episode 7

Post high school plans and an culinary club story.  Check it out.

Season 10 Episode 6

It’s a packed episode with Tweets from the Past, a look at a local hole in one legend, and a behind the counter look at Taylor’s. Check it out.

Season 10 Episode 3

On this weeks of Del Oro News we bring back Aaron Vs. Eagle and get an inside look at a couple of staff members.

Season 10 Episode 2

On this week’s episode of Del Oro News we take a look at a new teacher on campus and also an all new Question of the Week.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness at Del Oro

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Find out from reporter Kobi Decker and photographer Will Richardson what you can do to support this cause.  Also, Mr. Lundberg tells how this disease has affected his life, and Mrs. Landre tells you where you can buy your very own Del Oro Breast Cancer Awareness gear.

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  • Season 1 – Episode 6

    Watch Max Hennessy and Christian Burnett talk about the exciting things of homecoming week. The news talks about costumes, work nights, teachers dancing, and bacon! Are you ready?

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  • Del Oro’s Outdoor Adventure Club

    Mr. Kelderman and students tell about the Outdoor Adventure Club, from planning to the thrill of the actual trip.  If you would like to join, stay tuned to hear Mr. Kelderman describe the application process of this great club.

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