Season 10 Episode 7

Post high school plans and an culinary club story.  Check it out.

Season 10 Episode 6

It’s a packed episode with Tweets from the Past, a look at a local hole in one legend, and a behind the counter look at Taylor’s. Check it out.

Season 10 Episode 3

On this weeks of Del Oro News we bring back Aaron Vs. Eagle and get an inside look at a couple of staff members.

Season 10 Episode 2

On this week’s episode of Del Oro News we take a look at a new teacher on campus and also an all new Question of the Week.

  • Season 1 – Episode 5

    It’s the week of Thursday September 27th, and your Del Oro News Team is back with the latest news from Del Oro. Watch this episode as Jansen Engelbrecht and Lida Landre give you the inside scoop on homecoming, movies, local events and more.  

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  • How to Ask a Date to Homecoming

    Want to know just how to ask that special someone? Reporters Jay Shane and Jessika Brehmer, and photographer Will Richardson, have created the perfect resource on getting a date to Homecoming. Also check out this weeks Del Oro News show for the best coverage you will find on events happening in your area! September 27,… Read more »

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  • picture of the gold team

    Season 1 – Episode 4

    Follow Cpt. Max Hennessy and Cadet Christian Burnett as they hold down the fort for the Del Oro Gold Team.  This News story discusses the most important topics on everything going on at your school, Del Oro.  Everything from sports to colleges can be observed on this journey into the vast unknown.  Are you feeling… Read more »

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